Conversations with a Cheater

Yesterday I responded to a comment made on my my tiktok account that people are using full wall and aim-bot and that they have not been banned by Activision. Video response is below

Until this moment I have not received a response from the proclaimed cheater but one thing is for sure the rest of the people are so mad with cheaters and even a few stated that they have given up with Warzone and call of duty altogether.

In my video I challenge the psychology of cheaters in battle royal games and try to figure out why they would even consider paying for cheats in a game they obviously do not enjoy playing, my reasoning is that if they did enjoy it then they would not be cheating or have an unfair advantage.

In my pursuit to find an answer to this question I dove into the great old search engine and found a few interesting articles, videos and relevant content which I include below. Some people say that cheating is directly linked to the cheaters home abusive environment and how a "win at all costs environment" is satisfied by the rush of dopamine to the brain.

There seems to be a distinction between cheating at battle royal and simulator games. Battleroyals are played by real people and humans and they are meant to be competitive in nature. Simulators though are a different story with playing against the environment and having shit load of loot makes the game a lot more fun.

I think Ethos in his YouTube summarizes it very nicely.

In this video, posted 5 years ago, Ethos states that Ubisoft and Blizzard are doing a great job at punishing cheaters by permabanning accounts and actively increasing awareness around banned accounts. Approaching the matter from a from a cost to benefit approach normalizes not cheating rather than the latter which we are experiencing these days in Warzone. Furthermore time to act is also very important since the shorter you let the cheater use the cheats then the pleasure is less, whereas the longer you let them cheat the more you enforce the habit.

Work performed by famous professor Dan Ariely on the irrationality of cheating is quite an interesting Ted Talks presentation which everyone should consider. Dan mentions the economics and that experiments conducted with a progressively increasing reward system showed that greater rewards did not prompt enhanced cheating. Comparing this with Warzone and how cheaters act it seems that more and more people would be more inclined to use soft cheats or only wallhacks or a soft aimbot rather than have full cheats active.

Let me have your thoughts.

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