Hey guys its been a while but only because i have been working on a new idea which seems to be challenging and fun at the same time. I recently launched my podcast "Pame Ligo" and already filmed 4 episodes with the 4th going live today.

It's an interesting and challenging process and I do hope i can keep up with it. I will put some links below for the episodes already filmed and it will keep going live on youtube.

I'm still posting 5-6 tik toks a week, going live 2 times a week and filming the podcast. The real question though is how much time do I have to actually game?

Episode No.1

In ep.1 we spoke to Zerofighter a call of duty veteran, S&D slayer, a streamer supporter and a community manager for one of the largest Facebook call of duty groups. We talked about the community, the play style and overall what we see in the future of call of duty

Episode No.2

In episode No.2 I called in a group of friend who have been playing together the last 18 months and they are a close knit community of friends which some date back to elementary school. The podcast was great to film and overall lots of laughs with the guys.

Episode No.3

In episode No. 3 I was without a guest and thought to go ahead with a bit of a monologue about Vanguard first impressions and how the game feels.

Episode 4

In this episode we talk to Nismo, a gamer whose gaming experience is vast and wide but for his personal circumstances he is restricted from gaming and grinding out a game. Although away from gaming he actively participates in streams . This episodes airs today at 13:30

Who should I bring next to the podcast?

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